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I am so pleased with your site! I had an account with another online site and I didn't like it's setup or maneuverability. I have been on yours for an hour and I love it! Thanks!
Wichita, Ks
I wanted to surprise my wife with a 40th birthday party but needed help. I found a wonderful persone within 2 hours of registering. Thanks for a wonderful service.
Lincoln, NE
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Name: Courtney

Location: Ypsilanti, MI

I am a great babysitter because I will do activities that not all babysitters would want to do, go outside, play games, bake, etc. I also like to talk to children and help with their education and ...

Name: Cecilia

Location: Waterford, MI

• I’m the second oldest of nine children and have been babysitting since I was 10-11 years old. • My best friend since first grade has seven children. I helped her by babysitting for her when her newborns arrived, and babysat for her children (when they were young) on numerous occasions. • Another long-time friend has 4 children, the oldest brain-injured. I was a mom’s helper for her for several months in 2004 when her kids were 11, 9, 6 and 3 years old. • As of March 2006, I began doing childcare work for people I did not know, women I met through nanny-babysitter websites (,, etc.) Nanny (Dad’s Helper) • Part-time (10 days/month) nanny (note: the dad works full-time from his in-home office) caring for a 1-year old girl (born March 6, 2014) and a newborn (born July 9, 2015). Oct 2014-Nov 2015. Blmfld. Nanny • Worked as a full-time nanny (50 hours/week) from March 1, 2010 until March 29, 2011. Started when baby daughter was 6.5 months old and finished when daughter was 19.5 months old. Mom decided to quit her job to stay at home with daughter and no longer needed a nanny. Lake Orion. Mom’s Helper • Worked as a mom’s helper (2 days/week) beginning in March 2006 for more than 2 years. Originally assisted mom with her 3-year old boy and 1-year old girl. Continued to help until her son was 5½ yrs old and her daughter was 3½ years old. Also did occasional additional date-night or evening-out sitting on an as-needed basis. Royal Oak, at first, then Birmingham. • Worked as a short-term (3 months) mom’s helper for a mom with a 2-year old boy and 1½-month old twins, just until the twins were old enough for the mom to manage on her own. Rochester Hills. • Worked as a mom’s helper 2 days/week for a mom of 3-year old twins, one of whom is mildly autistic; she (the autistic twin) was attending a special “school” program for autistic children. Blmfld Hills. Babysitter • Babysat 2 days/week for a (stay at home) 1-year old girl and her 6-year old sister who attended a full-day private Montessori Kindergarten during the school year from August-May. Rochester Hills. • Babysat 2 nights/week for a 2½-yr old girl & 7-month old twins while the parents took German lessons for 2 months prior to their move to Germany as expatriate-corp. employees. Clarkston. • Babysat 2 workdays/week for an infant boy from the age of 3- to 10-months old. Bloomfield Hills. • Babysat for 5 home-schooled children on an occasional basis in November 2009. Position included helping the kids with their homeschool homework, meal preparation and kitchen clean-up. Rochester.

Name: Kristen

Location: Dearborn, MI

I am a mother of 3 children, 17, 12 and 5 years old. I have done childcare for many years for friends and neighbors. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology with many classes focusing in on early ...

Name: Anna

Location: Sterling Heights, MI

I have been a nanny for over 20 years, I have worked at school as a teachers assistant. I have worked at hospitals helping sick children and adults. I been a nanny for 6 families .

Name: Brianna

Location: Temperance , MI

I watched my sisters 5 kids for a couple of summers. I know how to cook, clean, and help with homework

Name: Marissa

Location: Ypsilanti, MI

I am very passionate about working with kids and have had many years of experience babysitting kids ranging from newborn to middle school. I have worked as a nanny for two separate families whose ...

Name: Alicia

Location: Auburn Hills, MI

I'm an honest and responsible person who's very fun and loving. I devote all my attention to the kids. Also I love playing with the kids. I can be trusted to keep a good eye on them and keep them ...

Name: Amber

Location: Rochester Hills , MI

I have been a nanny for the same family for almost 12 years. When I started the children were 2,4, and 6. They are now all teenagers and no longer need my services. I have also been caring for my niece ...

Name: Bobbi

Location: Otsego, MI

I am 22 years old and love kids. Helped my mom in her daycare from 9 til about 14. Also recently just stopped volunteering at the xx Center working with infants and toddlers.

Name: Hannah

Location: Ada, MI

I have baby sat young children for years and I love spending time with the kids