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I am so pleased with your site! I had an account with another online site and I didn't like it's setup or maneuverability. I have been on yours for an hour and I love it! Thanks!
Wichita, Ks
I wanted to surprise my wife with a 40th birthday party but needed help. I found a wonderful persone within 2 hours of registering. Thanks for a wonderful service.
Lincoln, NE
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Name: Jehovana

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Years experience, maturity, great with kids, flexible schedule. Very active, personable, creative.

Name: Ingrid

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Name: Denise

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Well I've done so much take the kids to the park, arrange play dates, arts and crafts , homework help, pick up and drop off, cooking, after school activities, building skills and a lot of other fun ...

Name: Elna

Location: Brooklyn, NY

My background includes 13 years of taking care of children as a nanny. I have experience with newborn, infant, twin, toddler and school-age children. I am a certified baby nurse. In addition, I ...

Name: Anastasia

Location: Brooklyn, NY

In October 2013 I start to work for the family with 3 month old boy and a 3 years old girl. I worked full time till they moved from Manhattan to a new house in NJ. I worked another 3 months as a live ...

Name: Tiquan

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Hi I am tiquan. I am 16 year old high school student that loves working with children. I worked at a marching band teaching music to children 7-18 I have great relationships with the children I have ...

Name: Nicole

Location: Brooklyn, NY

I enjoy working and interacting with kids. It's a pleasure to help guide them through their different stages of development. I have over seven years experience interacting and working with kids. I am a ...

Name: Asha (monique)

Location: Brooklyn, NY

the experience i have with children is doing the feeding,bathing,playing with them,reading books to the them,taking them to the parks,taking them on play dates,puting them to bed,and lots more.

Name: Willhelmlina

Location: Brooklyn, NY

I am a professional nanny with 10+ years of experience caring for children of all ages, from newborn twins to preteen. My first position was working for Dr xx who is a xx and I have learned a lot ...

Name: Joyce

Location: Brooklyn, NY

I was working part time as baby nurse and full time with infant till...