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I am so pleased with your site! I had an account with another online site and I didn't like it's setup or maneuverability. I have been on yours for an hour and I love it! Thanks!
Wichita, Ks
I wanted to surprise my wife with a 40th birthday party but needed help. I found a wonderful persone within 2 hours of registering. Thanks for a wonderful service.
Lincoln, NE
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Name: Shelby

Location: San Diego, CA

Living in my old neighborhood I babysat for a family that had two children. I started when the oldest was about 5 and the next youngest was two. At that time I would babysite when the parents went out ...

Name: Alizea

Location: San Diego , CA

I am actually fourteen years old. I have taken care of my younger siblings on a daily basis. I am good with kids, I'm fun and will stick to the rules.

Name: Ambria

Location: San Diego, CA

Hello, My name is Bria and I think I would be a wonderful candidate for children .I have a way with children and have been babysitting and also been a nanny for over 5 years. I would love to meet with ...

Name: Kanie

Location: San Diego , CA

I am recent college graduate in sociology,but I have also taken Child development courses. I have more than ten years experience babysitting,having started at the age of eight helping to take care of ...

Name: Kyra

Location: San Diego, CA

i have worked with children of all ages and i am great with all of the

Name: Bailey

Location: San Diego, CA

Growing up I always used to babysit my little sisters. I now have a two year old nephew that I love watching after as much as I can. I also used to babysit throughout high school and loved playing with ...

Name: Maggie

Location: San Diego, CA

Experience: -I have been Babysitting for 12 years and did some nanning during summers. I have worked with children from ages infant-9 years old. I have done overnight stays and have stayed with children while parents go on trips out of town. The most children I have babysat at once is 6 and do not mind (in fact, I love) large families. -While working at a day care as a substitute teacher, I cared for children from 6 months to 11y/o. - I have helped a stay at home mom of 8 with all the children homeschooling so I am comfortable teaching and helping with school work. -I can do light cooking, cleaning, and help with homework, if needed. -I love playing with children and incorporating learning through play. Usually when I babysit I have a no-tv rule (although a movie before bed is a great way to get children to sleep when they are fighting sleep). References: I can provide a list of references and a resume upon request. Schedule: I am currently getting my Master's degree but half of my education is online so my schedule is very flexible. Related Hobbies and Interests I love reading out loud, playing outside, and doing arts and crafts. The only things I tend to not enjoy are video games. I feel that a family is paying be to give attention to their children, not to supervise their video game playing.

Name: Jenny

Location: San Diego , CA

I have experience babysitting for neighborhood families with kids ranging from one to teenagers. I also have extensive experience caring for a sister nine years younger than I am.

Name: Michelle

Location: San Diego, CA

I really enjoy taking care of children. I enjoy helping them learn how to read, and making sure that they are happy and safe while in my care. I have babysat for many different family's in my spare ...

Name: Merlina

Location: San Diego, CA

My experience with childcare starts with my family having 5 of my own. My kids are all grown ups now so I am looking for a job to keep me busy. I am very well educated and trustworthy to care for your ...