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I have been a member of for about a month, and in that month I have used the site to find two great sitters. I have a nice list of sitters now. Thank you for helping me find some great sitters!
Houston, TX
Your site has been a tremendous help and has allowed me to find a great sitter for my child. Thank you.
Fort Worth, TX
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Name: Elizabeth

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

I am a 20 year old female. I am an active duty Air Force. I work Mon-Fri 630-430 and am looking to stay busy on nights/weekends. I have over 6 years experience with newborns to preteens and love every ...

Name: Toni

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

My name is Toni. I am 22 years old and have 7 years of nanny/child care experience. My resume includes 3 long term nanny positions and senior camp counselor at The Department of Parks and Recreation in ...

Name: Morgan

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

I absolutely LOVE kids. I have always told my mom i want 5+ children. I am patient and love spending time with them whether it be playing games, going to the park, taking the kids to the zoo. I have ...

Name: Kelli

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

i am a 27 year old mom of 4 amazing wonderful kiddos, this year 3 out of 4 of my kids are in school so i have room to watch some wonderful kids at my home. I have over 9 years of experience in daycare ...

Name: Rayana

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

i have watched people kids before i have worked in a daycare in i am a mother of a two year old girl

Name: Emily

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Hi, my name is Emily. I'm a very passionate and friendly person and I've grown up taking care of young children my whole life. My family has done foster care for years and I have grown with and taken ...

Name: Terri

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Some of the experiences I've had with kids include babysitting, providing childcare during church, little league coaching, and tutoring. I babysat as a teenager so I don't have many current references ...

Name: Tanya

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

I babysat throughout my life that is what I do. I have babysat around 4-5 different families. I love and adore kids!

Name: Valerie

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

I worked in my church's nursery for 15 yrs.I taught elementary and high school children for 10 yrs in a private school.

Name: Meghan

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

I have cared for and practically raised my three younger brothers while my mom worked for many years, for most of their lives. I have also babysat many kids, of every age, for families as big as ...