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Thanks to your website I have found a good steady job babysitting and watching animals. Thank you so much, it was really helpful.
Wyoming, MI
Thanks so much! I was able to find a great babysitter on your site... I will be back!
Powell, OH
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Name: Brenna

Location: New York, NY

My name is Brenna and I'm currently a Junior at Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts. I am studying Anthropology. ...

Name: Tammy

Location: New York, NY

In California through out high school I would baby sit family friends children. I am super active and love keeping busy with the children. I remember when I was young and having babysitters who would ...

Name: Marina

Location: New York, NY

I love working with children, I am very passionate about teaching, and caring for children. I am very comfortable with twins and multiples. I studied beside a pediatrician for over 5 years and am very ...

Name: Tayla

Location: New York, NY

I have not only babysat my two younger sisters from an early age, I have also babysat for my parents friends, one family included an 11 month old, a 5 year old and an 8 year old, so their routines and ...

Name: Brooke

Location: New York , NY

I grew up in the suburbs of California with a cookie cutter perfect family, my parents have been happily married all of my life. Both of my parents have 5 brothers and sisters and they all have kids! ...

Name: Amber

Location: New York, NY

i used to watch my mom friend son five days a week after school it was fun and i loved it

Name: Jessica

Location: New York, NY

I grew up in Massachusetts taking care of my younger brother David as well as the children of my parents' friends. I have babysat for infants as well as twin toddlers which I'm sure you could imagine ...

Name: Hillary

Location: New York , NY

Hi! I have been babysitting for about five years now for children of all ages, and am comfortable watching multiple children at a time. I have a little brother, so I am used to being around energetic ...

Name: Deanna

Location: New York, NY

I have experience caring for children ages 2-13

Name: Caitlin

Location: New York, NY

I have been babysitting friends and neighbors kids since I was in middle school. In High School I volunteered at an early intervention center for developmentally-delayed and disabled ...