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I have been a member of for about a month, and in that month I have used the site to find two great sitters. I have a nice list of sitters now. Thank you for helping me find some great sitters!
Houston, TX
Your site has been a tremendous help and has allowed me to find a great sitter for my child. Thank you.
Fort Worth, TX
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Name: Paula

Location: Bronx, NY

I like doing childcare because kids are fun to be around! They smile and laugh and have fun playing. It's nice to see.

Name: Chimera

Location: Bronx, NY

I've babysit for my cousin for nine years. Her now eleven year and her four year old. I cooked for them and keep them safe in their environment.

Name: Zuleimy

Location: Bronx, NY

I have volunteered at an after school program for kids picking form their home and taking them to school. i also worked in a summer camp program for kids.

Name: Selena

Location: Bronx, NY

I have watched children varying from ages 1yr-11yrs.I had the responsiblity to feed them and give them the neccesary attention. At time i was responsible to drop off or pick up children from school.

Name: Desiree

Location: Bronx, NY

My mother and I ran a Day Care out of our home for about three years, I cared for baout 6 children ages 1 to 5. ...

Name: Mercy

Location: Bronx, NY

I have more than 5 years experience in babysitting infants,toddlers and elementary school children.i love children and i enjoy being around them.

Name: Lauren

Location: Bronx, NY

 My past experience was with 5 kids, twins and 3 more babys. Their parents trusted me and they always do thanks god.

Name: Felicia

Location: Bronx, NY

Ive also worked with kids since the age 14 ive work with afterschools program n 16 ive did housing summer camp with kids when i was 18 and now i feel that i should baby sit i love the babies

Name: Neishka

Location: Bronx, NY

I have worked with children as young as 5 years old. I've also taken care of children in schools where I helped them out teaching and also cleaning after them. I am a very responsible, caring person ...

Name: Hermelinda

Location: Bronx, NY

I did worked for a great family for 17 years, helping raised 2 sets of twins. 3 boys, 1 girl. Was a wonderful and happy experience.