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I am so pleased with your site! I had an account with another online site and I didn't like it's setup or maneuverability. I have been on yours for an hour and I love it! Thanks!
Wichita, Ks
I wanted to surprise my wife with a 40th birthday party but needed help. I found a wonderful persone within 2 hours of registering. Thanks for a wonderful service.
Lincoln, NE
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Babysitter: JANET

Basic Information
First Name:JANETBabysitter
Last Login: Over 120 days
Location: ALRINGTON, VA 22204
Level of Education:College Degree
Spoken Languages:English
Driver's License:Yes
Has Vehicle:Yes

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Nanny Experience: 6 years of experience caring for ages Infant to 11 with family sizes up to 5
Babysitting Experience: 8 years of experience caring for ages 1 to 11 with family sizes up to 6+
Certifications:First Aid,CPR
Can Swim:Yes
Past childcare experience and qualifications:
I have 7 years of childcare experience working as a nanny. I love my job, I love the children I take care of and I love their families too. I have had nothing but great experience with all the three families that I have been blessed to work with. I still have contacts with all of them and do occasional babysitting. In the past I have been working upto 12 hour days being the main caregiver to new borns and pre-schoolers. I have gone above and beyond in my position as a nanny for the family. I take the kids to the park, organize play dates with other nannies and moms, attend story time sessions at the local libraries, a trip to the mall, etc. I engage the children in age appropriate reading, games and toys. Potty training is sometimes tough but we get it done. I have always worked as a team with the parents because teamwork is key to raising children. Overall, I have had nothing but the best experience raising children. I love to engage the children in play as well as projects and activities that are good for their development. When taking care of children, the first thing that I look for or value most is teamwork with the parents. This is because it makes everybody's work easier. I am able to work independently and I think ahead too. For example let’s say your family needs to go on a trip and you need me to get the children ready so that you may leave the house sooner than later (considering that we have a set schedule for everything e.g naps, baths etc.). All you need to tell me is, “Janet, we need to be out the door by 2pm”. That tells me that I got to feed the children, dress them (depending on age) and get their naps or quiet times in before the trip. You will not need to worry about hungry, messy or cranky kids! Because they will be on schedule. I take joy in watching a child grow from one stage to another. I engage the kids in all sorts of beneficial activities like arts and crafts, plays and organize play dates, paintings, exercises like walking and playing at the playgrounds. I encourage playing with their playmates/age mates. Some of the activities that I have engaged children in before are listed below including some of my responsibilities. My main responsibilities have always been: Keep the kids safe, happy and learning. I have been with 4 family’s altogether and will be looking forward to helping the next family out and being a part of it. I also have experience with kids that have special needs and extra attention. Responsibilities: 1) Feed breakfast and take the kids to school 2) Drop-offs and pick-ups to different places. 3) Manage the kids’ therapy schedules (cancellations, make-ups, e.t.c) 4) Creative activities and projects e.g arts and crafts, blocks, painting, coloring, board games, puzzles etc. 5) Activities to help with fine motor and sensory issues. 6) Games and educational programs to help with their attention spans. 7) Work out different schedules and time for learning e.g homework, workbooks, signs (sign language DVDs and books). 8) Play time (both independent play and together) also organize play dates 9) Reading time (pick out several books loved by the kids and read it to them. (They love this special reading time. Going to the library and getting/ exchanging books. 10) Supervise quiet time for the kids (depends on the age usually and hour) 11) Prepare snacks for kids during the day. 12) Make bottles for babies 13) Organize picnics on could be indoor or outdoor ( Depending on the weather). 14) Other fun stuff like going to the mall, getting a couple of treats here and there shopping, spending time at the children's play area etc. 16) Maintain kid's play area and kids’ laundry. (generally anything with the word baby attached to it will be my responsibility).

Interests and Availability
Position Duration:Part-time,On-call
Childcare Interests:This babysitter would prefer to care for children ages Infant to 11 with family sizes up to 4
I am willing to care for:Children with Disabilities,Behavioral Issues,Twins/Multiples
Rate: $18 - 22 per hour
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